Speech Research New-Zealand
Assoc Prof T.J.Moir, AUT University Auckland

"Just because something doesn't do what you planned it to do doesn't mean it's useless. "
                                           Thomas A. Edison


BSc Control Engineering

Ph.D Design of discrete-time controllers and estimators

European Engineer (Eur-Ing),MIET,MIPENZ

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Hear the Auckland Hum
New Ampsys Radio which dramically reduces Multipath interference - online demos.
Speech Controlled Robot! A big one!!
Inverted Pendulum Control using an old x-y Plotter.
Virtual human based on the ALICE AIML engine using speech recognition.
Smart-House Speech Recognition. Controlling house devices.
Patent using Amplitude Locked Loop
Matrix Calculus: How to differentiate a matrix with respect to a matrix
LabVIEW Programs

Tel: +64 9 911 9999 ext 6052
Mail me at .... :tom@speechresearch.co.nz